In recent years, the O.R.A. Agricultural Company S.r.l. has made important investments to improve production methods and product quality, and has grown exponentially in terms of sales: in the Roreto di Cherasco factory over 420,000 items are slaughtered, sectioned and packaged per week, making available to the final consumer a wide range of products, controlled throughout the production chain by the company self-control service, under close monitoring of the veterinary system.

In 2006 the O.R.A. Agricultural Company S.r.l. has obtained the supply chain traceability certification through the CSQA.

It holds a voluntary labeling regulation with recognition number IT006EA and adheres to UNAITALIA – IT001EA.

Since 2011 the company has been BRC-IFS certified and in March 2020 it acquired the product specification (DTP116) for the certification of the requirement “poultry preparations without the use of antibiotics”.

The company is also authorized by the Italian Islamic Center for ritual slaughter (HALAL), with notification to the Ministry of Health.