50 years of excellence

in poultry products


Pollo di Langa is a 100% Italian product, born and raised in Piedmont in the Langhe hills, on small and medium-sized farms.
It is the real traditional Chicken, the result of research, competence and reliability. Expression of the excellence of these unique lands that are the hills of the Langhe, such as wines, truffles and hazelnuts.

Raised on the land

Slow growth

Raised without the use of antibiotics

Use of natural light

Environmental enrichments

Fed with cereals from Piedmontese farms

O.R.A. Agricultural Society


years of activity

m² of production area



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The farmed chicken without the use of antibiotics

Produced with 100% national selected poultry meats.

Guarantee of hygienic-sanitary controls on environments and product.

The processing takes place in a controlled temperature environment, in compliance with the cold chain.

Chickens from farms controlled by a certified supply chain.

Careful selection of the fresh vegetable and in the composition.

Our production chain

La O.R.A. Agricultural Company S.r.l. has set up a production chain to which about 110 farms belong, which guarantee a production of about fifteen million head a year; these farms are located in the provinces of Cuneo, Asti and Turin.
The farms are purely family-run, of medium-small size, located for the most part in hilly areas ideal for poultry farming.
The small size of the facilities allows the owner and the family members who collaborate with him to follow the animals with particular care and attention. All stages of production are followed and monitored weekly by qualified personnel of the O.R.A. Agricultural Company S.r.l. in order to guarantee a product that, in addition to satisfying the typical organoleptic and quality characteristics, also offers full hygienic-sanitary guarantee.

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